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Be Your Best Self Package

Live Your Best Makeover


5 days / Ioannina, Epirus


No matter where you come from and what is your background, since you have made your decision on this package, be prepared for a transformation, Live your Best Mekeover and find out your New Best Self. It is all designed to allow your highest potential to appear and a deep healing of your self- esteem and self-icon both by a meditation and a session with a specialist psychologist.


You will also have a psychology test on Self-esteem to realize and find out if you really believe in yourself and if you give yourself the credit you deserve because Self-esteem is an integral part of personal happiness, fulfilling relationships and achievement. It is vital to find out our true sense of self. Therefore, this package includes 5 night accommodation, Hair and Look change (cutting, dyeing and styling), improving clothes styling – professional suggestions, shopping guidance in the modern shopping centre of Ioannina, make-up with a specialist’s consultation, nail polish and a professional photo session for the ideal online profile images.


Also, a Holistic Relaxing Massage and an awakening your senses grape-therapy face&body session are included. So, The Experienced Hairdresser along with her team, Mrs. Matina Anagnostou, a Certified style coach, licensed therapists and Beauticians, as well as a Specialist in recovering self-esteem psychologist are recruited in order to build your self-confidence and self-love so you become happier and more successful and even attract the exact type of the partner you have always wished!

Vigorous Body, Vigorous Mind Retreat


5 days / Ioannina, Epirus


The Vigorous Body, Vigorous Mind Retreat is the perfect combination if you are looking for a wellbeing healthy break including Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Capoeira and Mountain Hiking in Little Papigo-Dragon Lake-Lapatos-Big Papigo. We provide also time for relaxation a session of Sports Massage and a Holistic Head Rejuvenation one along with Bioresonace Devices Ap & Ritm before and after the workout for maximum results. 5 night accommodation and half board is offered. Delicious healthy dishes with local recipes and products will be served for dinner.


If you want to enhance your healthy lifestyle and you are already fit, looking for a fun and active holiday this is the perfect place to escape and meet like-minded people.

Laughing Therapy Retreat

Laugh! Be Healthy in your Body, Mind and Soul through Expressing Your Emotions!
4 days / Ioannina, Epirus


Join this Laughing Yoga and Mindfulness holiday at Papigo, Zagorochoria, Epirus. Enjoy Yin yoga for emotion balancing, Hatha Yoga and Laughing Yoga, Drama therapy, chakra balance work, mindfulness, walking, 1 session of Holistic Rejuvenation head massage, a Holistic Relaxing Full Body Massage, vegetarian food and great local dishes, as well as beautiful surroundings in the charming and picturesque village of Papigo.


In addition, you can enjoy and be pleasantly surprised with the beauty of a white-water rafting experience. Listen to your inner guidance. FOCUS on the present moment and live a totally different experience in the fresh air of Papigo and the stone traditional architecture. A Thematic mask party will take place the last evening with the MOST FUNNY Appearance! An Award is given to the winner!


Your physical health will be improved as your body will be sentimentally expressed and unblocked and it will gradually build strength, tone, and flexibility. It also will help in depression, stress and anxiety relief.


Find your Own Path and the Purpose in your Live!
5 days / Ioannina, Epirus or Chania, Crete


Are you ready to discover your life’s purpose and activate your fullest potential? This Project is called Dharma.


A Retreat based on Kundalini Yoga which is an ancient practice that helps you awaken your powerful energy and transform your life. It is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices that reinforce inner discipline. Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.


Moreover, this yoga technique is combined with guided meditation, Singing courses in order to improve expressing ability and opening the 5th Chakra in the throat. Holistic Head Rejuvenation and Hot Stone Massage is included in the package along with 5 night accommodation in a peaceful 3 or 4 Hotel, either in Epirus or in Crete and half board with vegan and vegetarian menu. Guided Tour are included, too.