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About Us


It is an individual enterprise that is inextricably connected to wellness

We design and operate Alternative Tourism Packages in Greece (Epirus and Chania,Crete) offering a Wellness Holiday that caters to different interests and goals. We actually combine Health, Wellness, Regional Gastronomy, Nature and Outdoor Activities with Hospitality and Latest Technology for the best benefit of the guests, ensuring also easy access and security.


The combination makes the difference

In Particular, certain packages combine Sophisticated Medical Technology (Bio-Resonance*) with Holistic Medicine Techniques like Shiatsu, Hippocratic Therapy Massage and Yoga / Meditation in balance with the guests’ needs to gain memorable experiences and recover in nature or indoors.


That way, we can relieve, detoxify, unblock and strengthen the body, mind and emotional condition of a person.


The combination makes the difference and gives the best healing results. Moreover, there are various options in our packages offering interesting ideas to an exquisite traveller.

Multi-rewarding Experience

This multi-rewarding experience wouldn’t be possible to be offered successfully without the individual expertise and eager effort. I myself, Giota Mastora, am a professional in Tourism for 12 years either as a Spa Manager&Consultant, Teacher of Alternative Medicine Techniques or as a Retreat Organizer.


Not to mention, the valuable cooperation of specific specialists in various sectors such as Dr. Ioannis Anagnostopoulos – Doctor, Homoeopathist, Stylianos Mylonakis- Strata Tours By Stelios,Walking&Activities in West Crete operating Alternative Tourism excursions, Guided Tours, Transport for more than 20 years, many unique and welcoming Hotels of all kinds, and many others.

Giota Mastora


Holistic Alternative Medicine

Technique Specialist, Spa Manager & Consultant

  • Teacher  of plenty Holistic Alternative Medicine Techniques (Shiatsu, Rejuvance, Reiki) and various massages.
  • Experienced Spa Manager & Consultant
  • Experienced Shiatsu & Holistic Rejuvenation practitioner.
  • Lymphatic and Holistic Massage therapist.
  • Hippocratic Massage therapist
  • Guided Meditation Teacher
  • Counseling Psychology Consultant
  • Event & Congress Organizer-Director
  • Molos Bay Hotel
  • Olympic Hotel
  • Strata Tours
  • 4G Retreats
  • Beauty For You
  • Avra Imperial Hotel
  • Epirus Palace Congress & Spa Hotel

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