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Privacy Policy


Using 4G Health and Wellness Retreats’s Services you trust us some information. On our policies you can read in detail, which data we use, why we chose them  and how do we use them. By using our services we would like to inform you how we use the data we collect from you. If you use are services please get informed about our policies. If you like to get more information please contact with us https://4g-retreats.com/contact/.


What kind of data we collect?

Data we collect as you use our services: By using our services, Google Analytics, that uses an interaction code with our website, collects some information about the use you make on our website.(?)



Cookie is a small file including a string of characters that is sent from your computer to our website. As soon as you visit the same website, cookie gives our website the power to know the browser you use(?). Cookies may save your preferences and other information and details. You are able to restore your browser in order to restore the cookies or to indicate the time of a cookie’s mission(?). Although some services of the website may not work properly without cookies.



Our Policies maybe will change in future. We will let you know about any changes.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. info

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