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Diamond Love Package

5 nights / Papigo, Zagorochoria, Greece


Enjoy the fresh air of Papigo, the traditional stone architecture and the dramatic mountain scenery of this picturesque and unique village of Zagorochoria, Epirus.


Have the opportunity to inspire your mate and enjoy a fresh air in your relationship through couple’s yoga asanas (exercises), couples’ Aromatherapy Massage (full body) and Holistic Face & Head Rejuvenation. The scenery will be completed with incredible views, magnificent nature landscapes, regional gastronomy, warm hospitality in luxurious environment interesting outdoor activities like rafting, horse riding and enjoyable walking by crystal clear river of Voidomatis.




Ioannina / 5 nights


  • Arrival: 1 August 2020
  • Departure: 6 August 2020
  • Place: Ioannina, Epirus – Greece
  • Price
    • 1.200€/per person (standard double room)
    • 1.320€/per person (superior double room)

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