Aristi Mountain Escape

2-Day Aristi Mountain Escape & Wellness

11-12 November 2023


Do you want to escape from the oppressive everyday life for a while, you seek to be in nature enjoying unique activities and moments of relaxation that will release all your stress and fatigue, mental and physical, while also strengthening your health?

Then you will definitely be looking for an exciting three-day escape in Aristi, Zagorochoria – one of the most picturesque villages in Greece, with great food, spa, relaxation treatments and unique moments of carefreeness in nature, the 2-Day Aristi Mountain Escape & Wellness Package!

Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas

Incredible view


Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, built on the highest point of Aristi is a shelter with incredible views and unique natural landscape having won many distinctions and awards for its premises and services. Friendly and easily accessible for the visitor who is looking for peace and security. Of course the operation and staff of the hotel has been adapted to the hygiene and safety protocols, offering security and peace to the visitor, even more so with the idyllic secluded rooms and their private balcony.

Luxury brushes and earthy colors


Take a deep breath, rest and relax in one of the spacious rooms-houses (30m2), made of stone and wood, with large double beds with anatomical mattresses, touches of luxury and earthy colors in the decoration as well as with stunning views of the surrounding area, in particular, the towers of Astraka and the villages of Papigo and Vikos.

Gastronomy and Wellness


The diverse and exciting experiences will be completed by Gastronomy and Wellness. In addition to the rich traditional breakfast that you will taste, you will enjoy a complete high gastronomy dinner with local products and special flavors at the hotel’s Salvia Restaurant on Saturday night. The highlight of relaxation will be a stunning full-body Holistic Aromatherapy Massage that eliminates toxins, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and gives deep relaxation and rest to the whole body! The Holistic Rejuvenation Technique conducted on the head, neck, forehead will calm down and
relax the receiver in depth. It will deeply balance the Nervous System, relieving any anxiety and phobias, insomnia, migraines, uncontrollable-unstoppable thinking drawing a unique smile on the receiver’s face!! The treatments will be performed by the xperienced Therapist-Professor of Alternative Therapies and Therapeutic Massage Techniques Giota Mastora and her team. All safety and hygiene measures will be taken.

*The package includes free use of the indoor pool and sauna by appointment to avoid overcrowding.

Activities in Nature


Release your stress out with safe and healthy Activities in Nature, such as Hiking for All at Voidomatis Gorge and Rafting in river Aoos. Hiking in the magnificent, rare beauty gorge of Voidomatis is an easy route for everyone, crossing the core of Vikos-Aoos National Park in the green landscape and next to the blue-green crystal clear waters of Voidomatis. At the Rafting Experience, which would be held at Aoos river with the supervision and guidance of a certified driver, we will cross the river following its flow, always with the signature, professionalism and security of Trekking Hellas, taking into account all the required security measures and providing the necessary equipment.

A unique opportunity to reconnect with nature, fill your lungs with fresh air and absorb enough Vitamin D, significantly boosting your immune system and dispelling any fears and negative emotions.

See more in the pdf files below:

Hiking in the gorge of Voidomatis

Rafting in Voidomatis

Whatever you think of your ideal vacation, we have to offer you a 2 day mountain retreat that will make you feel like you were born again and that you are at the top of the world!

It was designed and will be carried out by the Health Specialist Giota Mastora


  • Accommodation in a Double Traditional Room at Aristi Mountain Resort (2 nights) with breakfast.
  • Hiking in the Gorge of Voidomatis River with an experienced and certified companion of Trekking Hellas
  • Rafting in River Aoos with experienced and certified Trekking Hellas guide
  • Morning Up-Lift Yoga
  • Conscious Walking and Guided Purity Meditation by the River
  • Holistic Massage Aromatherapy by an experienced certified therapist
  • Holistic Rejuvenation Technique on the head, neck, forehead-face by an experienced certified therapist
  • Gourmet Salvia Restaurant 3-course dinner


Not included:

  • Drinks and beverages
  • Extra meals over breakfast and dinner
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Additional services at the spa


Day 1:

Arrival – Welcome – Holistic Rejuvenation Technique – Free of schedule

Day 2:

Morning Up-Lift Yoga – Breakfast – Hiking in the Gorge of Voidomatis River with an experienced and certified companion of Trekking Hellas, keeping the required distances and all safety measures – Conscious Walking and Guided Purity Meditation by the River – Rest – Holistic Aromatherapy Massage – Gourmet Salvia Restaurant Dinner at the hotel

Day 3:

Breakfast – Rafting in River Aoos – Free of schedule (Food is recommended in “Taverna Voidomatis” – Not included in the package) – Holistic Aromatherapy Massage (for those who did not receive their treatment on Saturday)




Classic rooms will instantly attract you attention with their warm atmosphere and exquisite serenity. Particularly spacious, airy, with large double beds with anatomical mattresses and wonderful linen. Wood and stone dominate the space, the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Earth colors on the furniture, while design objects give touches of luxury. Large views from private balconies and terraces in the surrounding villages and the surrounding nature. Your mini-bar will take you all over Greece, starting with local tsipouro, wines and soft drinks with carbonated natural water, up to pastels, nougat, halva and nuts!




Romance and privacy characterize the rooms. The fireplace dominates the large, comfortable space keeping you warm in the winter, while the unique view from the private terrace will captivate you. Relax for hours in the bathtub – whirlpool, sleep lightly in the double beds and read your favorite books. Your mini-bar will take you all over Greece, starting with local tsipouro, wines and carbonated soft drinks natural water, up to pastels, nougat, halva and nuts!




Holistic Massage is an enjoyable, relaxing massage that takes care of the whole entity and focuses on the 3 dimensional human nature – body, mind and spirit. It is based on Swedish muscle relaxing massage, however it includes a variety of Alternative Medicine Techniques like Shiatsu, Holistic Rejuvenation, Ayurveda etc. It immediately rejuvenates the body and deeply relaxes it, while it detoxifies and reduces muscle pain. It affects positively the nervous, lymphatic, circulation and muscle system of the body at the same time.



Unique Massage of face-neck-head that rejuvenates, lifts and nourishes the skin in depth. It gives full-body rest, relieves from stress, headaches, insomnia, migraines, cervical pain. The therapy is completed in 6 different sessions. Deep relaxation and fascinating rejuvenation with only one session for a special look in an event.



Guided meditation is a process and an unique experience by which one or more participants come in meditative state (mindfullness) in response to the guidance provided by a trained practitioner or teacher. At the beginning of the process, deep abdominal breathing techniques and music therapy sounds or natural sounds when outdoors, are used. Then, guided imagery and some technique of relaxation or meditation – mindfulness, however, the participant is focused at the present and conscious. For preparing correctly, connecting with the inner self and peace and quiet of mind, we have added a specific technique at the very beginning that is conducted by the body in silence and self-observation while in distance the one person from the other without having any eye-contact. Such a practice is the mindful walking in the nature with or without any shoes and in 2m distance the one from the other in a line at a specifi time.

The benefits of meditation are plenty. Some of which are:

  • it reduces stress or panic crisis
  • it strengthens the immune system
  • it increases the serotonin production. Low level of serotonin have to do with depression, headaches, insomnia and obesity
  • it decreases breathing rythm and slows down heart pulse
  • it reduces high blood pressure
  • we are able to relax more
  • reduces the symptoms of pre
  • menstruation syndrom
  • peace and quiet of mind



It is a combination of stretching, 5 Thebetan Exercises, Hatha Yoga asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, balances the whole system preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation or for a more enjoyable and meaningful life. Ideal for the morning and start your day! It’s easy for all, while you can go deeper and deeper by holding the poses longer as you repeat the practise every day.



  • 1 night
  • Arrival: November 11, 2023
  • Departure: November 12, 2023
  • Location: Aristi, Zagorochoria, Epirus – Greece
  • Price: €180 / per person from €249 (in a double aristi room)


More options:

  • €209 / per person from €279 (in a superior double room)
  • €229 / per person from €299 (in an Aristi Executive suite for 2 people)
  • €269 / per person from €299 in a single room


  • Tel: 693 0871304
  • Email: giota.ma@yahoo.gr
  • Note: Specific number of people – Make your reservation in time
  • Reservations and deposit on a bank account of 50% of the package price until November 5th, 2023
  • Payment of the remaining 50% upon arrival at the hotel
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